Most basic and standard cable systems provide a set-top box that will let you block programs by channels. Some also let you block by ratings and time. If you want to block programs by TV ratings but cant do this with your cable system, you can turn on your TVs v-chip.

Standard Cable:

  • Select Parental Controls in your cable settings menu [its often under Control Program Viewing on the main menu].
  • Select control viewing by ratings, channels and/or times and then select what you would like to block. A lock symbol will appear.
  • Enter a four-digit PIN (a.k.a. parental lock code) using the numbers buttons and reconfirm the password.
  • Press select on the Activate Parental Controls screen to turn the controls on.

Digital Cable:

Digital cable allows you to block and restrict content by channel, TV rating, MPAA movie rating, Pay-Per-View, time and individual program. Some systems even allow you to control how long your kids can watch.

The steps for setting Parental Controls may vary from provider to provider. Most providers will walk you through the process with on-screen prompts. In general, the steps are as follows:

  • Go into the settings menu and scroll to Parental Controls.
  • Select block TV ratings or block: movie ratings, individual programs, channels and/or times. Then highlight and select the ratings, channels, programs or times you want to block.

Most digital cable TVs will show a lock sign or a list of the blocked shows.
If you only want to block programs with certain types of content, turn on the content descriptors (FV, V, D, S, L).
At this point, you will need to set a PIN and turn on the parental controls. Different digital cable services require these steps in different orders. If it is not clear how your service works, check with your cable provider.

Setting the PIN:

Enter a four-digit PIN (a.k.a. parental lock code) using the numbers buttons or enter the temporary code, often 0000. You may need to press A to save your entry.
Turning on the Parental Controls:

  • Exit to the general settings menu again and select Activate Parental Controls or Block: PIN and change the setting to Yes from No (or On from Off, or Enable from Disable).
  • Hit accept to turn on the Parental Controls or return to the settings menu and select Turn on Parental Controls.

To learn more about the steps specific to your service, contact your cable or satellite provider.

No Cable Box:

If you don’t have a cable box, you can ask your cable company to block a channel for you. For more specific instructions, contact your cable or satellite provider.


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