I often hear complaints about how modern day media is attacking women on all fronts. The media is said to lead women to believe they are never skinny enough, never smart enough, never rich enough. I get it. I really do. So many famous figures preach a culture of plastic surgery, eating disorders, and infidelity. I am here to tell you that the Bachelorette, despite it’s 6-packed, white-toothed contestants, makes me feel A-O-K about the pudge on my belly, about the peanut-butter stains on the back of my pants, and about how I haven’t remembered to shower in 4 days.

In case you have been living in a cage for the past 14 years, the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is an American reality dating show featuring a pool of contestants vying for the affection of one bachelor or bachelorette. The contestants are eliminated week to week until one final couple remains. This season’s Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is a witty attorney who has gained great popularity and attention for being the first black Bachelorette.

Rachel has shown that she has class, brains, and a contagious laugh. She is relatable to us soccer mom’s in many ways. First, she has shown that will not put up with lying. As a mother, most of the people trying to lie to me are under 7 and it usually involves bodily fluid found in a puddle on my floor. With Rachel, one of her contestants Demario was caught in a bold-faced lie as it was discovered he had a girlfriend. He unsuccessfully tried to weasel his way out of being a complete dooooooosh bag and instead succeeded in making a complete fool out of himself.

Second, Rachel makes us feel like she could live next door to us and come over and eat nachos. She has a good sense of humor and when she laughs, I want to laugh and feel like sunshine is in my soul. So far this season, we have seen contestants show up dressed as Steve Urkel, sing her ridiculously awkward songs, dress as penguins, and creepily call themselves ‘Tickle Monsters’. Instead of making these poor, poor suckers of men feel like the idiots they really are acting like, she puts them at ease and takes everything with a grain of salt.

Third, Rachel is smart. She sees through the questionable and sleazy contestants. She thankfully sent the most ridiculous contestant to ever grace ABC’s franchise, the Wha-Boooooom guy home (really, does he even have a name?). As a mother, I am also smart. I keep little humans alive on a daily basis, and if that doesn’t deserve an award, I don’t know what else does. I feel like Rachel and I could be smart together. We could be besties and use our superior intelligence to do things like talk about math and insurance.

I think the biggest reason I like to watch the Bachelorette is not because I’m altruistic and want this cute girl to find her true love; it is because watching this show makes me feel better about my life. It helps me see the scariness that is out there and appreciate my own, special kind of crazy that I get to witness in the comfort of my own soccer-mom, rural Idaho home. I can deal with screaming, snotty kids probably a lot better than I would deal with screaming, snotty single men who only really care about themselves and getting a little screen time to help their ‘band.’ It helps me realize that while some days I might feel like life is mundane and monotonous, at least my job title is not ‘Tickle Monster.’ Because really, that is the epitome of creepy.

I really wish Rachel luck as she sifts through the little mountain of these creepy men and she attempts to find someone normal, so that maybe one day she can have a mom muffin and peanut butter stains on her pants too.


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