Men’s lifestyles are different today than they were a few decades ago. One thing still holds true, however, and that is that the modern man wants to be a gentleman. You want to impress bosses, charm women, and be a role model.

You could read about being a gentleman, or you could watch these five movies that will show you what being a gentleman is all about.

  1. An Officer and a Gentleman – Richard Gere’s role as a military recruit who woos Debra Winger is iconic. The treatment by his commanding officer, though harsh and often brutal, shapes him into the gentleman worthy of Debra Winger’s character. He learns organization, cleanliness, determination, and love throughout the movie.
  2. The Single Moms Club – On the surface, this is a movie about a group of single moms who get together and form a club for support, friendship, and laughter. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find a treasure trove of tips on how to be a gentleman. The men who enter these single moms lives are all ideal examples of true gentlemen. They are hardworking, respectful, and emotionally available for their women.
  3. Skyfall – No one would argue that James Bond is the quintessential gentleman. But Daniel Craig’s version of him, specifically, is a true gentleman. He doesn’t sleep with every woman he meets, doesn’t drink to excess, and he has a female boss that he is perfectly okay with taking orders from.
  4. Casablanca – Bogart’s character repeatedly shows his gentlemanly nature, from getting his own house to pay out to stop a woman from sleeping with a military officer to get out of the country, to setting aside his own feelings to help his lost love and her husband get out of the country. Protecting others is a top gentlemanly quality.
  5. Dead Poets Society – Robin Williams teaches a group of teenagers to think for themselves, to seize the day, and to educate themselves in order to woo women. A gentleman will always think for himself, and never sits back waiting for life to happen to him.


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